Black Wall Street LIFT Your Black Business Intensive

Because Black Wealth Is Critical to Black Power

Are you a black entrepreneur? If so, you DO NOT have to do it alone! Get the legal help you need with our DIY services or attorney advice. We are here to support you with our Black Wall Street’s Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Systems. We call this LIFTing your life and income to the next level.

Many black entrepreneurs are operating in the dark when it comes to putting LIFT into their life and business which causes stress, strain and unnecessary worry. When you know what you really need from a legal, insurance, financial and tax perspective, you can relax into getting it done with as much or as little help as you need, and on a timeline that’s consciously chosen rather than the result of avoidance and procrastination.

I designed this Black Wall Street LIFT Intensive to help you rapidly and effectively fill the gaps in your foundation, so you will know to your core that you are deeply supported and thriving as you create and do your Great Work in the world.