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Do you want to build a highly functioning highly successful Black Owned Business?
Get the help you need with our DIY services or attorney advice. We support you with our Black Wall Street’s Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Systems. We call this LIFTing your life and income to the next level. Because Black Wealth Is Critical to Black Power


LIFT Your Black Owned Business with the Legal
Insurance, Financial + Tax Systems You Need to THRIVE



Getting the right insurance policies in place – so you’re neither over-paying, nor missing anything important – to protect you, your family and your business.



Feeling confident in taking calculated risks to help your business grow, because you know how to read your financial statements ..



Taking maximum advantage of legal tax planning strategies – saving you thousands (even tens of thousands!) of dollars in taxes each year.

Here’s Everything You Get With Your
Black Wall Street LIFT Your Black Business Corporate Training

6 Learning Lessons

The LIFT Learning Lessons cover everything you need to know to put a solid Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax foundation in place for your business. The Special Edition of the program includes each lesson in video format, and can be taken solo at your convenience, or in a group setting in one of our Mastermind Intensives

15 Step-by-Step LIFT Implementation Maps

Our Black Wall Street LIFT Implementation Maps will get you into immediate action on everything you learn in the Lessons. Simply work through them yourself or hand them over to a key assistant, and know that the entire LIFT Foundation System will be implemented easily, effectively and as inexpensively as possible.

6 Conversation Starters

Never feel lost, stupid or insecure when talking to a lawyer, banker, merchant account provider, CPA or bookkeeper again. With your Black Wall Street LIFT Conversation Starters in hand, you’ll not only know the right questions to ask, but the answers to look for to ensure the advisors you are considering are truly a fit for your business.

Library of Legal Templates

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is not getting their agreements in writing. These customizable legal templates will help you protect your business, prevent misunderstandings, and ensure clear communication with your clients, contractors, employees, affiliates and partners.

Black Wall Street LIFT Digital Records Binder

Our Black Wall Street LIFT Personal Records Binder is so much more than just an organizer – it’s a key learning tool for you as well. After going through it and gathering your papers, you will be able to visually SEE specifically where the holes are in your LIFT Foundation and know exactly what to do to fill them.

Private Facebook Group with Group Coaching from Marye Dean, Esq.

You will receive group coaching with me through a private Facebook group in which I will regularly monitor and respond to your questions.  Ask questions about implementing our Black Wall Street LIFT Systems in your business and network online with other black entrepreneurs!

Membership Has Its Privileges

Your Black Owned Business listed and promoted via our Black Wall Street Business Directory PLUS access to our customer discounts and perks with qualified vendors, which will allow you to save an unlimited amount of money (requires active membership)

Plus One FREE Bonus Gift
“LIFT Your Black Owned Business”

Strategy Session 

($1,250 Value)

Our Black Wall Street LIFT Foundation System & Toolkit will help you get educated about what you don’t know, what you can do yourself, and when to turn to a trusted advisor for help. Our Black Wall Street Business Lawyers® are specifically trained to be that kind of trusted advisor. In your Black Wall Street LIFT Your Life & Business Strategy Session, you’ll go beyond what you learn in the program to take your life and business to the next level.

First you’ll complete a clarity questionnaire that will allow your Black Wall Street Business Lawyer® to get to know you – while supporting you to get to know yourself on a deeper level as well. Then, during the 1:1 Strategy Session, you’ll go through a thorough inquiry process to help you clarify where your business could be more efficient, effective, and ultimately enjoyable for you and your stakeholders (including team members, customers, clients and vendors).

Get Started With Our Black Wall Street LIFT Your Black Business Corporate Training NOW!
Because Black Wealth Is Critical To Black Power

Get the Real Help You Need, With Our DIY Services Of
Attorney Advice, Either Way, We Got Your Back!

Marye Dean, Esq.

Attorneys With You Every Step Of The Way

Starting with our DIY services doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself.
Count on our vetted network of attorneys for guidance—no hourly charges.

We are looking forward to getting to know you and support you at Come on over to our public facebook group, join and introduce yourself NOW! You can use this space to ask business questions, follow up on questions or insights regarding my published live content that affects your family and your business, and network + be in community with other black entrepreneurs! Remember, united we stand, divided we fall! #RiseInPower

How it Works

Get Into Action + Get Results FAST

The core of the program is 6 Easy to Get Through Lessons covering theLegal, Insurance, Financial and Tax knowledge you need. I conducted  over 100 hours of interviews with top experts, and then narrowed everything down to only the most important information you need to know. You can get through all of this in just about 20 hours on your own or in one of our group intensives. Then use the Step-by-Step Black Wall Street LIFT Implementation Maps to get into immediate action on everything you learned.

Saves You Time, Money and Peace of Mind

Whether you’re entering an agreement with a client, vendor or partner, or hiring an expert, employee or contractor (i.e. a bookkeeper, financial advisor, insurance professional, lawyer, etc.) to support you in your business, our Black Wall Street LIFT Conversation Starters will give you specific questions to ask to make sure it’s a fit, and that you’re truly on the same page. Then, select from our Library of Legal Templates to get your agreement in writing  – and prevent misunderstandings and conflict down the road.

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