Take 2022 By Storm And Harness Your Black SuperPower In Business!

A conversation with Founder and COO of BlackWallStreet.com

December, 13, 2021


Because Black Wealth Is Critical To Black Power!


Marye Dean, Esq. went from the Southside of Houston, Texas to becoming TheWallStreetLawyer.com and securing a quarter million dollar investor during the pandemic which was invested in BlackWallStreet.com! Learn how COO and Founder of Black Wall Street, Marye Dean, Esq.  leveraged the creative corporate skills and experiences she honed on Wall Street to become a successful business owner.

Join us live on December 13, 2021 at 7PM EST. During the live interview, Miss Dean will share:
—How to go from your day job to your DREAM JOB
—How to turn your passion into a real-life product
—Why your black culture and background ARE your superpowers and the key to your success

—How to turn problems into opportunities so you go from surviving to THRIVING

—How to succeed in business using the laws of the universe and

—How to level up and build a team to ensure you maintain your business structure over time.

See you there!

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